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  • OpenEdge 11.4 Installation problems

    As an experiment I want to create and document the processing of creating a test application API using both OpenEdge and Laravel. I’ll then compare them. I thought “let’s take the latest OpenEdge installation” which as of this date is 11.4. Not a great start when the installation simply quits at around 10% in! I’m […]

  • Atom™ – Ich bin meine maschine

    Discovery continues through Soundcloud.  Was checking our Daniel Avery’s “likes” page and within a mix was this. Love it.

  • Skype Chat Style

    Skype Chat Issue

    I use Skype a lot during my day online.  I have two Windows 7 machines setup pretty similar both with Skype – however the layout and style of Skype and the instant messenger chat is different. Below you see the same chat window from each PC.  I prefer the old style on the left, but can’t […]