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  • Client Logging from the startup Icon

    Sometimes you can’t trap an error because the application crashes out.  To track everything you can switch on OpenEdge Client Logging.  This can be done from within the code, or at startup using the icon. Windows Icon target line example C:\dlcv102b\bin\prowin32.exe -basekey “INI” -ininame testapp.ini -pf pf\ -clientlog c:\testapp\applog.txt -logginglevel 4 -p appstart.p Code Example LOG-MANAGER:LOGFILE-NAME […]

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    Beautiful Autumn Morning

    On our early dog walk the sun started to creep through the mist and clouds.  Very pretty. Then another sublime moment at lunchtime while on my bike as a black and tangerine butterfly flew alongside me for about 40 seconds.  Apt after 4-1 at the weekend :o)